About Heads Up Cedar Park

Heads Up, Cedar Park is a safety campaign created by the City of Cedar Park, Texas, to help enhance safety for all road, sidewalk and trail users in Cedar Park.

Know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to walking, cycling and driving, and encourage your neighbors, friends, and family to do so as well.  Together, we can make our community even safer.

Safety Tips

There’s more to safety than just obeying traffic laws.  It’s about how everyone using the road – pedestrians, cyclists and drivers – looks out for one another.  Following these safety tips will help us all have a heads-up for our friends, family members and neighbors, and keep one another safe.


Walking Safely

From an early age you were taught the basics for walking safely:  to stop, look and listen.  But there’s a lot more to it.  Click to find out if you’re on good “footing” to navigate your city safely.

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Cycling Safely

From seasoned cyclists to novices with training wheels, there are more cyclists than ever in our fast-growing community. Did you know that by law a bicycle is treated the same as any other vehicle? Click to see if you’re sure you’re ahead of the pack on these best practices for bicycling.

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Driving Safely

Cedar Park is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.  More people are using our vast streets, sidewalks and trails networks.  Are you watching for others when you drive? Click to make sure you’re following these “rules” of the road.

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Safety Tips

Click here for a downloadable, printable safety tips flyer to share with your family members, friends, neighbors and students to help them remember to have a Heads Up when walking, cycling or driving.

Download safety tips flyer


School Bus Safety

Click here for a downloadable, printable school bus safety tips flyer to share with your family members, friends, neighbors and students to help them remember to have a Heads Up when they see a school bus.

Download school bus safety tips flyer


Halloween Safety

Click here for a downloadable, printable Halloween safety flyer to share with your family, friends and neighbors to help them remember to have a Heads Up when trick-or-treating.

Download Halloween safety flyer

Heads up videos

Whether you’re walking, cycling or driving, be sure to have a Heads up, Cedar Park for your friends and neighbors.  Do you see anyone you know in any of these videos? We invite you to watch, like and share our video public service announcements on social media!

Heads up for trash and recycling collectors

Heads up for parking near stop signs

Heads Up for kids out for summer break

Heads up for motorcyclists

Heads up for Police, Fire and EMS

Heads up – don’t block the walk

Heads Up for Parking In Neighborhoods

Heads up for the Bat City Cyclists

Heads up for Sophie, Heidi, Josephine and Erin

Heads up for Sarah

Cycling safety

Driving safety

Walking, cycling and driving safety

Walking safety

How to: Navigate a roundabout

Heads up for Jayden and Jordyn

Heads up for Bob

Heads up for Basudhara and Ahon

Heads Up for Carson, Kade and Janey

Heads up for Jackson

Heads Up for Tammy and Presley

Heads up for the Garrisi family

Heads up for Jacob and Juanita

Heads up for Abby and Sam

Heads up for Mike

Heads up for Jasmine and Dora Anne

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